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Toriko Boosts Productivity by 30% with JOSYS’ Innovative IT Solutions

Toriko Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the Medical/Healthcare sector and is dedicated to offering personalized beauty care solutions. With their flagship product, "FUJIMI," Toriko aims to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty. As the company set its sights on ISMS certification, it faced challenges in device and account management.

The Challenge

  • The absence of a dedicated information system personnel led to an inconsistent device management ledger.
  • Account management was not thorough, leading to discrepancies between the ledger and the actual situation.
  • The company’s systems did not meet the stringent ISMS standards.


The Solution

Toriko turned to JOSYS to address these challenges:

  • JOSYS’s platform allowed Toriko to reduce overall information system work by approximately 30%, contributing to improved business productivity.
  • The system enabled an efficient security framework by visualizing targets for the deletion of retiree accounts.
  • Automatic account acquisition by JOSYS reduced the work and psychological stress associated with managing ledgers.


The Results

  • Toriko achieved a centralized device management system, reducing management effort and registration errors.
  • The company saw labor savings by streamlining processes from device procurement to kitting.
  • Psychological stress was minimized by providing a clear visualization of managed devices and SaaS accounts.



For Toriko Co., Ltd., the integration of JOSYS was a game-changer. The platform not only addressed their immediate challenges but also set them on a path of enhanced efficiency and security. As Toriko continues its mission in the Medical/Healthcare sector, JOSYS remains a pivotal partner in their journey.

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