Tsukuruba Transformed IT Asset Management for Enhanced Productivity with JOSYS

Tsukuruba Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the real estate sector, faced challenges in managing its growing IT assets. With a workforce ranging between 100 to 300 employees and a rapidly evolving market, the company's existing IT asset management system was proving to be inadequate. The need for a more streamlined and efficient solution was evident.

The Challenge

As Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. expanded its operations, several issues became apparent:

  • Lack of Investment Strategy: There was no clear policy regarding investment in business systems.
  • Unmanaged SaaS: The various SaaS platforms introduced within the company were not being managed effectively.

Mr. Murakami, the Representative Director and CEO, emphasized the importance of strengthening internal controls, especially in the face of changing market demands. The company needed a solution that would not only address the immediate challenges but also set the foundation for sustainable growth.


The Solution

After a thorough internal review and evaluation of several IT asset management tools, Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. chose JOSYS. The platform offered:

  • Real-time Anomaly Detection: Immediate detection of irregularities in SaaS usage.
  • Centralized Management: A unified system to manage both devices and SaaS as IT assets, eliminating the need to juggle multiple management screens.
  • Cost savings: Significant cost savings by optimizing the use of SaaS tools and eliminating unused accounts.

Mr. Satoyama, from the Digital Strategy Promotion Office, highlighted the platform’s ability to detect shadow IT and its user-friendly interface as key deciding factors.


The Results

With the implementation of JOSYS, Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. experienced:

  • Enhanced IT Asset Management: The company could now conduct “aggressive operation” of its information systems, leading to improved operability.
  • Increased Business Productivity: By detecting shadow IT and reviewing the introduced SaaS, the company was able to optimize its operations.

Mr. Murakami stressed the importance of viewing IT asset management not just as a tool for internal improvement but as a means to enhance customer value and improve productivity metrics.



For Tsukuruba Co., Ltd., JOSYS has been a game-changer. By providing a robust platform for IT asset management, the company has been able to strengthen its internal controls, optimize costs, and lay the groundwork for continued growth. As the real estate market continues to evolve, Tsukuruba Co., Ltd. is well-equipped to navigate the challenges ahead, with JOSYS as a critical pillar of its IT strategy.

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