Union Centralized IT Asset Management Across Retail Outlets and Achieved Significant Cost Savings with JOSYS

Union Tech Co., Ltd., a pioneer in space creation, was grappling with the complexities of managing numerous accounts and devices. With a growing workforce and a mission to challenge conventional norms, the company's existing Excel-based management system was proving inadequate. The need for a more efficient and streamlined solution was evident.

The Challenge

Union Tech Co., Ltd., a renowned space creation business, was experiencing rapid growth and expansion. Their unique approach to office and commercial facility branding, design, and construction had set them apart in the industry. However, with growth came challenges:

  • Complex Account Management: Relying on Excel for account management was becoming increasingly cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Employee Transition Issues: The company often overlooked the issuance or deletion of accounts during employee transitions.
  • Outdated Management System: Their existing system was not scalable and was struggling to keep up with the company’s growth trajectory.

Tetsuya Kimura, the director, and Makoto Ishii from the information systems department highlighted the urgency to revamp their existing system to cater to the company’s evolving needs.


The Solution

After coming across JOSYS through a Facebook post, Kimura was intrigued by its potential. Recognizing the challenges Union Tech faced, he believed JOSYS could be the game-changer they needed.

JOSYS offered:

  • Comprehensive Management: From account management to device handling, JOSYS provided a one-stop solution.
  • Efficiency: The platform promised to reduce the man-hours previously wasted on Excel management.
  • Real-time Monitoring: JOSYS allowed for real-time monitoring of SaaS accounts, ensuring no oversights.


The Results

Post-implementation, Union Tech witnessed:

  • Operational Efficiency: A significant reduction in man-hours for account management.
  • Improved Accuracy: The company saw fewer errors in account issuance or deletion during employee transitions.
  • Reduced Workload Stress: The streamlined process reduced the psychological stress of the team, leading to a more productive work environment.

Kimura emphasized the security and efficiency JOSYS provided, while Ishii appreciated its user-friendly interface and comprehensive management capabilities.



For Union Tech Co., Ltd., JOSYS has been more than just a management tool; it has been a catalyst for change, driving efficiency and ensuring the company remains at the forefront of innovation in the space creation industry. As Union Tech continues to challenge the status quo, JOSYS stands as a testament to the power of technology in revolutionizing traditional business operations.

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