Unipos Optimizes SaaS Management and Slashes Costs with JOSYS

Unipos Co., Ltd., a forerunner in the internet industry, has consistently championed its mission to "make emotional rewards a social infrastructure." Their innovative product, "Unipos," is a testament to this commitment, offering a unique web service that promotes peer bonuses within organizations. However, as with many successful companies, Unipos faced challenges, particularly in SaaS account management.

The Challenge

Unipos’s rapid growth brought with it a set of challenges:

  • Complex Employee Account Management: As the company expanded, tracking and managing each employee’s SaaS account became increasingly intricate.
  • Escalating SaaS Usage Costs: A surge in SaaS costs was identified, with a significant portion being attributed to unnecessary or redundant accounts.


The JOSYS Solution

To address these challenges, Unipos turned to JOSYS, resulting in:

  • Enhanced Inventory Efficiency: JOSYS provided a platform that visualized each employee’s account usage, streamlining management processes.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: By pinpointing and eliminating redundant accounts, Unipos was able to achieve substantial annual savings on SaaS costs.


The Results

With JOSYS’s implementation:

  • Clear Visualization: Unipos achieved a transparent view of each employee’s account usage, leading to better management and significant cost savings.
  • Streamlined SaaS Account Management: The information systems department optimized cost management, reducing unnecessary expenses and enhancing operational efficiency.


Insights from Unipos’s Leaders:

Mr. Natsui and Mr. Shoji from Unipos discussed the challenges they faced before JOSYS and the transformative impact afterward. They emphasized the limitations of Excel-based management and the advantages of JOSYS’s centralized approach.


Unipos Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS highlights the importance of efficient SaaS management. Through JOSYS, Unipos enhanced its operational efficiency, realized significant cost benefits, and set a benchmark for other companies in the internet sector.

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