United Centralized Device Management and Boosted Operational Efficiency with Josys

United Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the advertising and information communication industry, operates three core businesses: education, human resource matching, and investment. With a consolidated group of 335 employees and multiple operating companies, the firm faced challenges in managing SaaS licenses and group-wide employee ledgers.

The Challenge

  • Managing approximately 330 employees, with an average of 10 people joining and leaving the company monthly.
  • Overseeing around 20 to 30 outsourced individuals, depending on project operations.
  • Handling about 30 known SaaS installations from United’s information system, with additional tools introduced by various departments and group companies.
  • Previously introduced asset management tools only catered to devices, with SaaS licenses managed separately.
  • The time-consuming process to check license acquisition status, requiring visits to each product’s management page.


The Solution

Upon discovering Josys, United Co., Ltd. saw an opportunity to address its challenges:

  • Consolidation of previously disparate license management into one unified system.
  • Linking devices and licenses to individuals by integrating with the employee ledger.
  • Utilizing Josys’s free trial period to evaluate its capabilities.
  • Benefiting from Josys’s rapid updates and flexibility in adding requested features.


The Results

  • Centralized management of who has what license and device.
  • Significant reduction in time and effort previously spent on managing licenses and devices.
  • Enhanced collaboration with Josys, leading to the rapid addition of linkable SaaS and the setup of SAML authentication.
  • Improved operational efficiency and streamlined processes.



Josys proved to be a game-changer for United Co., Ltd., providing a comprehensive solution to their SaaS license and device management challenges. With its ability to centralize management, enhance operational efficiency, and adapt to user needs, Josys stands as an indispensable tool for companies like United, especially those with multiple operating entities

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